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2001 Dodge Caravan Question: shifting

I need to ask a ? my 2001 Dodge Caravan is having trouble shifting, it will almost shake when we go to slow down and stop and then is having trouble going into Drive and we would have to put it into 2nd to get it going good up to about 50-55 mph and then put it in drive and then it does great...some say the transmission needs replaced but others say no it is something minor because there is no smoke at all coming from the exhaust pipe...someone said switch plate, but when I seen your ? about a TCM and you was having trouble shifting was wondering if that could be my problem and if it cost a lot..should maybe think of trading it in..though I love my Dodge van... -
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take it to a shop to see if any codes in the transmission. if not, then internal. the trans replacement is about 1500-1800. you cannot get a new car for that money.that is sales tax on a new car. Roy -
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Thank you so much for replying.......This helps me in deciding on what to do -
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