Shifter would not come out of park so took off council and found 2 wires broken on 2009 Chevrolet Impala

So I bought some terminals and switched them all out added some wire but now my key stays stuck and my automatic start does not work is the solenoid bad ? It will shift in and out of park fine and key will come out only if I touch the green wire to the purple with my foot pushed on the brake

The bat+ should go away when in park, but all kind of things happen in Potwin Ks.
should I disconnect both post of the battery then attach the wires to the solinoid
No your shift solenoid may be the problem.
how much would one of those run me? and is it easy to install
Everybody thinks to just replace the parts. It needs to be verified. If we were just changing parts until we find the problem you as a customer would get pissed. Verify the fault.
ok thanks
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