2004 Dodge Dakota Q&A

2004 Dodge Dakota Question: shifter stuck in park after I start it

After starting my vehicle, it often gets stuck in park. The steering wheel turns, and I depress the brake but still can't get it out of park. -
Answer 1
It may be your Brake Light Switch. If it is not working, the PARK lock solenoid will never let go. it could also be the PARK lock solenoid it self, but I would check the switch first. -
Answer 2
I have the same problem that you described. This happened after I had the vehicle towed to have water pump replaced. What was causing the problem you had? Did you get it fixed? -
Answer 3
down on the steering column where the gear lever connects is a gasket move it, on the left at the connection you will see a button push it, thats the only way I do it when mine sticks. To bad I can't send a diagram -