Shifter stuck in Park. on 2001 Honda Accord

I can't seem to get my Honda transmission shifter out of Park unless I use the override option. This happens every time it is put into Park. The shift button works freely, but the handle won't release from Park unless I use the override feature. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!!

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With the key, press the brake pedal do you hear a clicking sound each time you press and release the brake pedal. As a safety feature there is an electric solineod that keeps the car in park until it receives power through a switch at the brake pedal. The solineod may have failed or the electrical circuit may have a problem. TEll me if you hear a noise and if you don't I will look at a wiring diagram and tell you which fuse to check. If you hear a click and it still won't come out of park the center console needs to be disassembled to inspect further.
This seem to be a sporadic problem now. I can hear the 'click' on occasion when the brake is pressed, and the 'Park' slot will work fine. But occasionally I can't hear the brake 'click' when the pedal is pressed, and the override must be used to get it out of Park.
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I have a Honda 2001 with the same problem. Just replaced the brake switch which is a little device under the break pedal. This might do the trick. It worked for me...
I had wahed my engine with a pressure washer, changed the transmission 4th gear pressure (Honda part no.28610-RAY-003) sensor (was getting an intermittent flashing "D" transmission light) on my 2004 Accord EX V6 and changed the transmission fluid at 75,000 miles. I also had jacked the front end on my slightly inclined driveway. I had pulled the horn fuze since the horn kept going off on Saturday, I assumed was from water shorting a sensor. Let dry out overnight. Sunday when I went to back off inclined driveway to check fluid level, I could not get the car out of park. No amount of turning the front wheel, pressure on the brake (also had a TCS light on dash) and fooling with the gear shift worked. Finally when I installed the 20 amp horn fuze, I had no problem and the TCS light went away. Still awaiting a final answer to see if the 4th gear pressure sensor changeout solves the intermittent blinking "D" transmission light.
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