Shifter stuck in Park on 1993 Mercedes-Benz 500SL

Shifter on 2004 SL500 gets stuck in Park, able to shift eventually and once out of park can shift from drive to reverse - on downhill shift lock is more pronounced and more difficult to remedy.

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I am having a similar problem right now. When I use the emergency brake, it works just fine. The problem I'm having, is if anyone else drives the car they can get stuck. I learned that the shift mechanism is spring loaded. If you bang it with a rubber mallot while slightly pulling shifter out of park, you will be able to drive the car normally. This will prevent you from getting stuck and having to tow the car.
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use parking brake prior to putting in park will keep stress off tranmission. There is a device on the brake that at the steering colum that can cause this problem.
You have to push the break in harder. that will solve. dg