shifter on 1996 Saturn SL

manual transmission want shift into second gear.please help

by in Irving, TX on May 15, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on May 15, 2010
If it shifts into all gears except 2nd, then you may have a shifter that needs adjustment or the transmission has an internal fault. It will need too be inspected by someone who knows how to diagnose this type of problem to know what the issue is for sure.
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I have a twin cam automatic transmission. I would like to know what years are compatible with mine. Was told different stories. (95' through 02')Can you tell me. Thank you.
shifter linkage busted where they connect
...start.acts like the neutral safety switch, Location switch for adjustment? When the Saturn shifter is in park....engine won't turn over; when moving the shifting lever back and forth...hit a co...

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