shift lock on 2002 GMC Envoy

when I put my truck in park, the shift lock doesnt engage, I cant turn the ignition back to get my key out,and its killing my battery, is this something I can adjust or replace

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I turn off my truck and it in reverse and now I can't it out of reverse are it to start. What can I do
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There is an ignition lock cylinder control switch that is part of the transmission shift lock actuator on your 2002 GMC Envoy. The lock cylinder switch closes when the shifter is in park and sends voltage to the ignition lock cylinder control actuator. Check fuse 47 in the rear fuse box first. Next check for power and ground at the ignition lock cylinder control actuator, if power and ground are OK that would indicate a faulty lock cylinder actuator. If the fuse is good and there is no power to the lock cylinder actuator then you may have a sticking cylinder control switch in the shift lock actuator. It is not uncommon for coffee or soda spilled in the shifter to cause sticky shifter issues.
is there a video on how to change this out....
there is a whole underneath your steering wheel. if you stick a flat head in there and jiggle it around for a little bit the key should come out.