Cadillac Catera Problem Report

Cadillac Catera Shift Lever May Not Go Into "Park" on Automatic Transmissions

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On the automatic transmission models, the shift lever may not shift completely into "Park". This can result in the key being stuck in the ignition lock cylinder. Care should be taken to insure the shift lever fully engages the "Park" position. Replacing the shifter may be necessary to correct this concern.

Frequently I can't remove the key after putting the transmission in park. I have to put it in drive and then back in park. The dealer replaced the steering column ignition key unit and this did not fix the problem. Later the dealer service manager said to bring it in for an adjustment. Another dealer told me there was no adjustment. -
Car has trouble goin in park after being driven -
shifter will not come out of park -
couldn't get key out of switch. dealer said I need a new ignition and the housing. cost is 900 ish! Huh? -
shifter will not lock into park. This causes the key to be hard to get out and then the car dings when door is open as if the key is still in it -
The shifter lever sticks. It is really hard to move. -
Shift lever stuck in park, no fix at this time -
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