shift knob replacement on 2004 Volvo S60

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I need to replace the shift knob on my 04 volvo s60. The button broken off and I am having trouble replacing it. any advice????
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Just changed the shift knob on my son-in-laws 04 S60 in 15 minutes, His was an automatic with straight line shift letters. 1st release the ring at the bottom of the shift knob by using 2 straight edge screwdrivers inserted between the knob and ring at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions. Press in simutanelously and the ring will fall down. With the shift lever in N or D, using both hands pull straight up (really good pull) and the knob with the connecting rod will come right out. Replacement of the new one just reverse the process. Once the new knob and lever are just sitting in place, put a folded towel over the knob and hit firmly down on the knob with a rubber mallet and it will seat itself. Raise the ring up to the bottom of the knob, make sure the ring is turned correctly the 3 & 9 o'clock tabs on the bottom of the shift knob have tabs that have to fit the ring correctly. Look closely in the ring and you will see which slots fit the bottom of the ring. Pull up on the ring and it will seat against the bottom of the knob and you are done!
I have the exact same problem- hopefully someone can help us!
I literally just grabbed the knob and pulled straight up really hard and it came off! Good luck!
nope but if you findout please email me at I have the new knob but not sure how to remove old one.

Thanks Marc
Can you tell me where you can go to find a replacement for the cracked part? You can email me at