shaking front end on 1998 Ford Explorer

Occasionally as I am driving, for no apparent reason the front end of my explorer will shake uncontrollably. I step on the brake hard and slow down, almost stop and it goes away. I was told this could be caused by the steering stabilizer bar. If this is so how difficult is it to repair and how dangerous is it.

by in Millville, MA on April 12, 2009
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ANSWER by on April 12, 2009
Have a an expert front end person check this out. It could be the steering dampener as well. I would have a pro do this inspection and repair. It can take some powerful air hammers to break loose these parts and you want to be sure that the entire, real problem is addressed, or it could endanger your life.
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I already replaced the rotors, but it still shakes when braking. overall it feels loose in the front end.
when im driving down the road and let off the gas the steering wheel starts to shake and pulls to the let and right. and it seems to do it worse when i have the cruse set and tap the brake to turn ...
car shakes at 60+ mph. front end aligned, new tires (balanced ) bearings packed twice in two months, new pivot arm. 178,000 miles on vehicle. What will stop the "shake"???
It's a 2wd Sport. Ran great until I let my brother use it to run errands. Noticed the shaking and vibrating the next night. No codes come up. Tires are properly inflated.

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