Shaking on 1990 Honda Accord

My 1990 Honda Accord shakes violently when I press the brakes. I already know it's not the brake pads or rotors because they have been replaced. Someone told me it could be a CV joint (because it also clicks when making left turns). Could someone please tell me all the possible things it could be?

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Conventional wisdom says that brake rotors being out of round are most commonly the cause of vibration while braking.

I would approach the vehicle fresh. Does your steering wheel vibrate along with the vehicle and pedal feel? If yes, then you are absolutely without a doubt looking at FRONT brake rotors being out of round. If no, then you could be experiencing REAR rotor/drum problems.

"New" brake rotors can be out of round too. If they have been stored for a period of time upright, they can become out of round prior to sale.

The CV joint will click certainly when failed, but i'm not convinced it will cause the vibration you have described.

Remember to check the rear brakes too... If they are out of round, you will not feel that in the steering wheel.
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this car may need to have the rotors balanced on the takes a special machine to do this and few independent shops have one.
more then likely it is ur cv axel but accordin to my hanes manualy it could be ur struts
I had the exact same issue. When I took mine in it was a combination of things...Due to my brakes being old they (both the rotors and drums) needed new pads, also the CV joint was bad and had torked out the front drive shaft on the left side. Best to jump on these problems early before a quick $200 turns into my $650 mistake.