shaking on 2002 Dodge Caravan

My caravan shakes when i stop at a light in any gear even in park any help????

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it sounds like the motor has a miss. take it to a shop and let them check it for you and give you a bid. is the check engine light on??

no engine light at all no lights on at all either it just started too it wasnt doing it when we bought it which was two days ago, and what is the cause of it missing???
could be plugs, wires or a coil. you need someone to look at it for you to start from scratch with a compression test and build it up to determine the real issue you are dealing with. may be simple problem or could be something else but it needs to be checked out by a shop.

can it get ruined even more driving with the issue of it shaking?
i wish i could answer that but i can not see what is happening. i would not wait too long as you can do more damage over a period of time.

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There could be several causes causing an engine to shake. The easiest place to start would be to do a tune up with a spark plug/ignition wire replacement.
spark plugs can make it shake??? because there is no light on at all or anything and it just started too like today