severe oil leakage, and need help on 2005 Dodge Caravan

i have a severe oil leak, and i need to know what the problem can be and will it be expensive i toke it to a little service place and they said they did not know, it has happen 2 times before and the same people said they fix the problem, i need my auto , do not have another and can not afford a new or costly repair cost, amon fix income thanks for your help

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A technician has to look at this to determine where the leak is coming from before anybody can estimate any kind of pricing. One of the first considerations is whether the leak is occurring all of the time or only when the engine is running. If its all the time, it could be as simple as a drain plug gasket, if its only when its running, oil pressure senders, and oil filters, valve cover gaskets ect all become likely sources. So have it checked out and let us know what they find and we can advise you from there.