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2006 Pontiac Montana Question: service stability system

I have a 2006 pontiac montana and the service stability system keeps popping up. what can i do to fix this and how much would it run me. thank you very much for helping out. -
Answer 1
The stability control system has self diagnostic capabilities but requires a scan tool to read the odes or potential trouble codes stored in the computer of your car. The codes stored will indicate where the trouble lays. A repair shop in our area charges about $125 to retrieve codes and spend some time diagnosing the problem. -
Comment 1
What Pat is saying is that you can't just take it to a parts house and let them scan the computer. It is not a emmision related problem. You will have to pay a professional to scan it with a professional scan tool and diagnose the problem. Moe -
Comment 2
Or take a look at your rear shocks and see if they are leaking. Or if the air pump is running to charge the rear shocks. -
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