Service Ride Control on 1994 Cadillac DeVille

"Service Ride Control" message comes on after I start the car. After i press "reset' button the message stays off until I restart the car again. Which buttons can I push to keep the message from coming on again? It's very anoying.

by in Sitka, AK on December 05, 2009
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ANSWER by , December 05, 2009
Customer Concern: The Service Ride Control (SRC) message is on in the driver information center. Tests/Procedures: NOTE: The following will only apply to the Deville with a 4.9 Liter engine. 1. Gain access to the speed sensitive suspension module located on the electronics bay in the truck. This module will only have 1 32-pin connector as a small clear or white plastic cover on the module near the connector. 2. On the module, jump pin D2, Light Green wire, to pin D16, Black wire. After jumping the two wires together, turn the ignition switch to the key on engine off position. 3. On the module, the little white plastic cover will begin to flash trouble codes. Codes will flash out by 2 flashes, short pause 3 flashes, long pause to indicate codes. The above would be an example of a code 23. 4. Codes 23, 24, 25 and 26 indicate a problem with the strut. The original style struts are no longer available. Instead, only a passive or non-electric strut is available. In order to turn the SRC lamp off, it will be necessary to follow the procedure in TSB #00-03-11-001a after installing the passive struts. Potential Causes: Relay Tech Tips: Refer to the technical service bulletin number 00-03-11-001a. Diagnostic Codes: None
COMMENT by , December 06, 2009
Thank you very much for your prompt response Mahindra.In '04 while still living in Hawaii,I asked Cadillac Service to install "active struts" to fix the suspension problem.Instead they installed "passive struts" and a relay,which I didn't ask for,which deleted the warning message in the info. center.The relay quit working after 4 months after I moved back to Alaska and the warning message returned. The mechanics here in Sitka don't know nor want to deal with it.I'll don't know anything about the TSB relay or what to do about it.I'll google the TSB # and see what it says.Any other advice would be very much appreciated to clear the message.Thanks again for the advice.Bill
COMMENT by , December 06, 2009
If you email me directly I can email you the TSB. My email is
ANSWER by , March 21, 2010
You might want to check the body grounds on your car. On my 96 Seville, the ground wire was broken. I found it just below the left rear tail light inside the trunk. The light went out forever after I replaced the loop on the wire for 50 cents. There are a host of other grounds on the back of the back seat on what Cadillac calls the "electronics bay."
COMMENT by , May 28, 2012
I have similar problem with "service ride control" message on a 95 Deville 4.9L, and I did the connector shorting of D2(light green) and D16(black). I got a 1,2 code on the light. I cannot find any listing as to what that code means. I hope someone can tell me.