2001 Buick Park Avenue Q&A

2001 Buick Park Avenue Question: Service Engine Soon light on

Came on while I was driving. Car lost compression and light is blinking and staying on. Starts blinking while I'm driving, constant when car is idleing. Any guesses at what it could be? -
Answer 1
cruise on over to your local advance auto or auto zone.they have obd2 scanners and will check your codes for free. -
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The service engine soom light come on now and then.
The cam sensor interrupter (magnet) may become demagnetized and/or fall off of the camshaft gear causing the Check Engine Light (Service Engine Soon) light to illuminate. On higher mileage vehicles...
car runs fine . When I come to a stop it idles low and cut off. Also if i ride breaks and press on gas will this run my break system?
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