Service engine soon light is on on 2000 Nissan Maxima

I recently bought a 2000 nissan maxima. It's now have 120050 miles on it. I saw the service engine soon light came on while I'm driving to work. I'm worried and don't know what to do? Pls advice. Thanks

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First check your fuel cap. Make sure it is not loose. This can cause a check engine light.

Next, you will need to have the codes pulled by a qualified technician who can give you some direction. You really should have the test done sooner than later. However, if you are not noticing any performance issues, and the light is not flashing - you can drive it for a day or so until you can make arrangements. Acting sooner than later will prevent issues from occuring.
thanks dave
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If the light is flashing, that would mean you are damaging the cataytic converter and should go in for service right away. Otherwise the list of trouble codes that can set a check engine light is very long. The check engine light will make you fail your smog, but if you fail you may qualify for $500.00 in repair assistance from the state. Call your nearest Gold Sheild Station, list is available from good luck
the check engine light is not flashing and the car passed the smog 2weeks ago before i registered it under my name. what is the best thing to do right now?
Stop in and let us pull the code. These newer vehicles have dozens of sensors of which anyone of them could be telling you something. We routinely pull codes at NO charge for our customers. Good luck.
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