service engine soon light came on. was told it was the water pump. on 2006 BMW 325i

I have a 2006 bmw 325i. recently the service engine soon light came on. The mechanic I took it too reset the code and said he thought it was the water pump. Any suggestions? He has already charged me $170 and wants another 600. He said he did not know for sure if a new pump was wrong.

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the check engine light only illuminates if its evap emmisions related.forget that mechanic and take it to advance auto or auto zone if your check engine light is on they'll check it for free.
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I don't think a water pump would set a code unless it was leaking so bad that the engine overheated. There should be no doubt about the water pump in that case. If your mechanic isn't sure, you may need a second opinion.
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