1990 Cadillac DeVille Q&A

1990 Cadillac DeVille Question: service engine soon light came on-

car started to whine a little when in reverse-then whined loud-1x-drives fine-fluids look good-no burnt smell -
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check gas cap and service engine soon light was on, smoke test confirmed leak from vent selenoid. had it replaced, but service engine soon light came back on. did another smoke test and checked cod...
The Check Engine Light may illuminate due to an engine vacuum leak from the intake manifold area.
On my 96 cadillac deville the service engine light is on and the people at Autozone did a test on it and it came up p1660 which i know is about the cooling fan control circuit fault---ECM detected ...
I had my car read and the code came back P1415 (Manufaturer Control Auxiliary Emissions Control).....My "Service Engine Soon" light blinks on and off once car warm up, the it starts to hesitate lik...