service engine light reset on 2001 BMW 325xi

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i bought a 2001 bmw 325xi wagon i put gas and shortly after a few highway miles the service engine light came on i tried tightin the gas cap but i need to know how to reset the light
(3) Answers
The service engine light, when on constantly, indicates an emission problem. You will stillbe able to drive and may even turn off after time. When the light is flashing that indicates the engine timing is off and that is severe problem that will need to be checked immediately.
You need to visit a shop with a BMW code-reader. Most code reader have the option to reset the service engine light.
The 'check engine' light may take up to a week to reset, even after tightening the gas cap. However, the light should reset on its own.

If it doesn't reset, I would do a check with an ODB-II meter. Or take it to a local Advance Auto Zone...they will run the scan for free.