service engine light on on 2003 GMC Envoy

on 02/07/11 around 13:41 i took my vechicle in for repairs, picked it up on 02/08/11. they replaced the ECT sensor,changed thermostat and rechecked coolant it was okay. seemed to repair service engine light problem, has taken back twice for coolant leaks. whar is causing the coolant leaks and how can it be fixed?

by in Valdosta, GA on March 01, 2011
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ANSWER by on March 01, 2011
assuming you had no leaks before the repair, it seems that the housing may be leaking and the shop needs to re check there work. if you had a leak prior, then it needs to be checked again to find the leak. there are so many areas it can leak, it would be a crap shoot to guess from here. Roy
COMMENT by on March 01, 2011
Thanks for your answer, and no there were no leaks at all before the repairs and since the 23rd of feb. (last week) the dealership has closed, now i'm trying to find help do you have any suggestions will be greatly appreciated... where do i add the coolant that i'm loosing and what type is it? thanks in advance.
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