Service Engine Light is on; where can I get the corresponding Diag Codes FREE? on 2001 Ford Expedition

Just purchased a 2001 Expedition XLT for $2400. The Service Engine light is on. Does anyone know where I can go to get the codes and corresponding readings of the codes, FOR FREE? The vehicle rides well and the engine is smooth; it gets about 14mpg and has recently had an oil change. The only problem is that when it gets down to about 20-25 miles til empty on gas, if I'm on a hill, it will stall out as if it was already out of gas. I suppose this is due to the intake from the tank to the rest of the engine being set higher than the gas gauge indicator. TIA for any advice!

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auto zone but don't buy codes so we can adv
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agree with greg's,go to autozone and get a printout of the codes if possible.As far as the stall/stumble with low fuel,that is a normal characteristic of this vehicle due to the placement of the pump in the tank.I have had many customers wake up to a truck that won't start and the first thing I ask is are you parked on a hill.
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