Service Engine Light on 2002 Mercury Cougar

So my service engine light comes on, with no real indicator as to why. Idles fine, runs fine, over 90K miles on my 02 Cougar. First it read evap leak, changed the gas cap, reset the light. Not long after, the light came back on. I'm getting it plugged in here in a few days but didn't know if anyone else had any common issues on their Cougars.

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Evaporative emissions system codes are tough to deal with. You really need to have a smoke vapor tester to perform testing and see where the leak is occurring. A gas cap is an admirable place to start, but not often the actual cause of the leak.

Take the car to a shop that has the right equipment, and the answer won't be far behind.
Yeah, it's going to a Ford dealer ( an excellent one, at that) to get plugged in.
Which Dealer, out of curiosity? And how did it turn out?
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If the light is on solid, it is supposed to be only two possibilities. Either gas cap loose or bad, or bad fuel.