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1998 Nissan Sentra Question: service eng light

I have this light on in my dash, end i do diagnostic test, end the answer was: low flow detected, end 4 probable cause: EGR-passages blocked EGR-pintle stuck closed EGR-volume control valve open or shorted EGR-temperature sensor error. So; my cuestion is, how i know wich is the real cause of my service eng light. -
Answer 1
Sounds like the EGR passages are blocked and causing the check engine light to come on New EGR valve is $150 to $200 at the parts stores but its $107 at http://www.parts.com/ -
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I do diasnostic test and the answer is low flow detected, have 4 probable cause; EGR passages bloked. EGR pintle stuck closed EGR volume control valve open or shorted EGR temperature sensor err...