service air suspension warning comes on all times why on 2003 Hummer H2

It says service air suspension, what that means? the truck when is Park it seems like it looses presure Is down, after I start the egine It takes about a minute to get the back of of the truck high again I mean normal, can hear the air compressor working but It seems that sometimes is not enough air.. What can I do to fix this problem, My 2003 H-2 has only 62400 mi...?????

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Sounds like your Air Suspension has a leak and that leak needs to be located and repaired.
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I have an 03 that did the same thing. Due to the age and the mileage, it seems that you dont drive it much and this causes dry rot just like tires. In '07 Hummer revised the make of the bags because of this problem. I replaced my air bags and have not had any more problems. Total cost was $450.00 through a mechanic.
Search for Strutmasters on the web and order one of their kits to fix this. It is much less expensive than the factory parts.
a cheap fix i had some old front coil springs out of a 91 caprice and installed them in place of the air bags and its rides the same. new springs are about 68 dollars at autozone