2006 Mercedes-Benz C230 Q&A

2006 Mercedes-Benz C230 Question: service A

how do i clear the service A indicator ? -
Answer 1
You can get vehicle repair manuals here: http://www.alldatadiy.com/ It will gives you lots of useful informations about services and repairs. The reset procedure is also in the owners manual. Zee -
Answer 2
Not sure if the reset procedure is in the owner's hand book but if it is check here http://repairpal.com/automobile-owners-manuals-online or try this link you may be able to down load a free copy of the owner's manual for your vehicle http://www.autousermanual.com/ -
Answer 3
1.put the key in the car and turn it but don't turn the car on. 2. there is a knob to reset the milage counter in the sec you have the service reminder on press and hold on that knob. 3. the computer will ask you which service you want to reset you chose the one with the problem. -
Answer 4
Step 1. Step into car, shut the door and turn on the ignition. Do not crank/start engine. On this step, the service due message will post. Allow five seconds to pass until normal/regular information display is shown. 2. I then pushed the up arrow button on steering wheel to display service interval. It read 'Service B is due now'. 3. Push reset button (also serves as dasboard dimmer dial) left of temp gauge for several seconds. Service display will then show press for 3 seconds to reset timer. After three seconds with finger on reset button, timer will reset. Mine read 'Service A 13,000 miles'. -
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