Service 4wd light is on and no light on 4wd dash switch... 1998 4 door Tahoe... on 1998 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup

I tryed to switch from 2wd to 4wdlow and started blinking and went back to 2wd and blow a t case fuse I replaced the fuse and tryed again and some thing happen then the service 4wd light came on and light for dash switch isn't on and can't switch to nothing I have tryed taking the battery cables off for 30 minutes and take the fuse #8 and #2 and #24 and hook everything back up and the service 4wd light is still on I have power to dash switch for 4wd and t case and front end almost everything that haves to do with the 4wd wires I think its the dash switch but idk the dash switch comes on when I start the truck only for like 3 seconds and go's off... PLEASE HELP ME AND WALK ME THROW THIS THANKS...

The best way to determine this issue is to have the Transfer Case Control Module scanned. When the light blinks it is signaling there is an electrical issue in the 4wd system. Once scanned for a code fault, ot will be quicker and easier to find the cause. Post the codes so we might help you further.
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