serve engine soon(SES) on 1999 Chrysler Sebring

The service engine soon light came on and stays on, there are no other warning lights on. Before tnhis, when the car is on the egine doesn't consistently run smooth, at times it feels like it is hesitating.. it hasn't stalled but it sounds like to could..

I had a repair made about three weeks ago, the chaged a plug.. it was okay but in a few days it started again.. then last night the SES came on and didn't go off. I can't fix this for a few days... I want to know if it's bad to drive it...

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Please read the information in the repairpal encyclopedia for more information on your SES (check engine) light.
I looked into the encyclopedia and it doesn't show up.
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They recommend to replace "all" spark plugs at the same time.
This is the article about Check Engine Light in the Encyclopedia.