Pontiac Grand Prix Problem Report

Pontiac Grand Prix Serpentine Belt Tensioner Pulley May Wear Out

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The serpentine belt tensioner pulley may wear out. Our technicians tell us that in order to get a new pulley from General Motors you must purchase a complete belt tensioner assembly.


Have had 2 tensioner pullies fail. Both times I ruined my belt. It cheaper to change pulley than replace both. I keep old pulley and belt just incase. -
Pulley has squealed for couple weeks. Drove fine until it sat overnight and when we went to leave there was no power steering. Checked belt to notice it was slipped off bottom pulley. -
tensioner completelt blew -
squeeling noise coming from the belt and the belt kept coming off -
Noticed the problem when checking over customer's vehicle while readying it for a long trip. Will be replacing when they return. -
i already had fixed around 55000 because the belt kept sliding off if it got even slightly wet. -
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