Chevrolet Monte Carlo Problem Report

Chevrolet Monte Carlo Serpentine Belt Tensioner Pulley May Wear Out

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The serpentine belt tensioner pulley may wear out. Our technicians tell us that in order to get a new pulley from General Motors you must purchase a complete belt tensioner assembly.


Serpentine belt tensioner pully failed. Was able to nurse care to nearby Autozone which had the pulley. replaced belt also. Approximately $40 in parts. -
Serpentine Belt Tensioner Pulley froze up and the belt Serpentine Belt broke, had to replace the whole assembly. -
tensioner pulley seized up. Repaced pully and belt -
The tension pully locked up and broke the serpentine belt, i called my local autopart store and they had both the pulley by its self for $20.00 or a complete unit for $104.00, i chose the pully by its self. due to that the tensionor was good, and i had now coolant leaks, it took me all of 20 minutes to replace the pully and the new belt, was not hard to do, after all is done the car is back on the road. -
tensioner broke and had to replace it and belt -
Snapped two serpentine belts same day. Tensioner Pulley was hard to turn. -
Belt Tensioner out twice in year span. -
Engine overheated one day. Next day, added coolant directly into radiator, it immediately flowed out near the water pump. Towed to dealer, diagnosis was "cross over parts - tensioner inlet pipe". $511. parts & labor. -
This is the 3rd time the tensioner is being replaced! I'm averaging 1x per year! -
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