Serpentine belt shreded along the ribs. What can be the cause? on 2002 Saturn SL

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My serpentine belt had several ribs separate from the belt. they wound up tangeled arount a pully.
I replaced the belt. The new belt seemed very very hard to fit. I thought the Drive belt tenaioner should have been able to give me some more room to place the new belt on.
The new belt shows LINES on the smooth side. It looks like it is being worn along the ribs.
Is this possible? What needs to be replaced to fix the porblem
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It sounds like the belt is not routed correctly or has a foreign object contacting it as is goes around the pulleys (could be a hose clamp) you need to ispectit for proepr installation and routing, then carefully run your hand around the belt (make sure the engine is OFF) and see if anyting is contacting it.