Serpentine belt replacement cost? on 2004 Honda CR-V

My Honda dealer says I need a new serpentine belt though I have not observed any symptoms. They say it shows signs of cracking, and they want $480 for replacement. Does this sound reasonable?

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approx 120.00
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approx 120.00
NO!!! What dealer is that? Is the serpentine belt the only thing they are replacing , or is the tensioner also included in this estimate? Dealer price in that area (I'm at Honda of Dulles/sterling Va. used to be Leesburg Honda)--Belt $65.00, and MAYBE 1 hour labor($120.00) total-$185.00 plus tax etc. Tensioner is not that difficult to replace , shouldn't be another $295.00 in parts and labor!!
The dealer is Criswell Honda in Germantown MD, and yes the quote did include the tensioner. Thanks for your insight.
serp. belt should be around $25.00(from napa) at independent garage. tensionner should be around $90.00- $110.00(from napa). independent garage will do for maybe $90.00 per hr. time should be 1.5 hr.s. sometimes cheaper to buy the parts urself and bring them the shop for labor work only.
If you have over 60,000 mile on the serpentine belt, I would recommend replacement. For The cost would be $77.80 parts and labor. This repair can be done while you wait. Matt, Flower Hill Automotive 301-869-8900
dealer ship for sales man. they sell cars, not solutions. go to independent garage. better rates, better service. go to dealership for anything other than warranty and u get hosed.
rec. good year gatorgrip for belt replacement $25.00. labour = 1 hr. rate will depend on shop.