Serpentine Belt being the culprit on 2005 Ford Explorer

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This is the 1st time my truck overheated and a pretty damaging incident I may add. While drivin on the highway my truck began to run hot, the check gage light came on and I lost power steering. as I moved off the highway to the shoulder, I heard something that resembled the sound of a something loose. So I called for a tow truck and got the truck towed to a local dealership. The dealership is saying that the serpentine belt came off and that caused the engine to over heat. Sooo the warranty co denied my claim since the belt is not a "covered" part of the truck. So at this point I needed a 2nd opnion, I got the truck towed to the local Ford dealership and Ford is saying what the 1st mechanic said isn't even possible based on his analysis. Ford is saying the engine overheated 1st and that caused the belt to break off. Now b/c there are a conflict in the 2 mechanics scenarios, the warranty co is saying I have to authorize Ford to tear down the engine to find the cause of the engine overheating. Would it be in my best interest to do this? Or could the serpentine belt really have caused the damage to the engine?
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first, the belt came off for a reason. you need to find out if anything locked up like the water pump or ac compressor. if not then the tensioner is probably the culprit. if that is true, the motor overheated after the belt broke.

Yes the belt is to blame sorry but i have never seen a hot engine cause a belt to go its impossible. your belt drives your water pump thats why it over heated
this same situation happen to me, but i stopped at the gas station in time. had truck towed to dealership and they wanted to charge me 1,200. to fix it. didn't have that much at the time, so i paid the diganostic fee of 98.00 had it towed home for114.00, and replaced the belt for, can't remeber. but the truck has been acking up every since. heater went out, overheated and water got all in the engine and cracked the gaskets and whopped the heads. that's were i'm at now. replacing eveything hoping it will work. got only 5 months to pay truck off. hope it's worth it.