serpentine belt on 1997 Toyota Camry

how do I replace the serpentine belt

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If your car is equipped with power steering you have one belt that operates between the crankshaft pulley and power steering pump, and another drive belt operates from the crankshaft pulley to the alternator and air conditioning compressor. The large diameter belt that drives the alternator is replaced by first removing the plastic shield in front of the crankshaft pulley (held in place by two 10mm bolts) The pivot bolt on top of the alternator is loosened (14mm) the bolt that secures the front ear of the alternator (12mm) is slackened and then a long threaded adjusting bolt (12mm) is turned to loosen the drive belt so it can be removed and replaced.The power steering belt is more difficult to change it is accessed from the bottom of the car (the car must be jacked up and supported by axle stands) A bolt on the power steering pump adjusting bracket and the pivot bolt for the power steering pump must be slackened to enable the power steering belt to be replaced. After replacing the fan belts assemble in reverse order. Ensure fan belts are properly tensioned and aligned. Start the engine and allow to run for a minute. Re check alignment and drivebelt tension. Turn on air conditioning, headlights, heated rear windscreen and start the engine, turn the steering wheel form side to side, if belts are properly tensioned the belts should not "squeal". If belt "squeal" is heard the fan belts are improperly tensioned or aligned.
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There is no reason to loosen anything, see this link for proper method.
This does not work for 1997 or 1998 because it does not have a serpentine belt. The correct answer is provided by Patrick. However, I found that you also have access to the power steering belt (separate belt on those) by removing the passenger wheel and metal shield (two bolts).
how i replace two belt step by step on toyota camry 1997