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1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass Question: sensors

how many o2 sensors does a cutlass have? -
Answer 1
Shows two, one before the catalytic and one after the catalytic converter. -
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i replaced the old senser with a newone.i still get the same code and the check engine light stays on?
For they last 3 months all of these problems have started to get worse. the occurrence has become an everyday problem especially when it rains that's when it seems to not want to stay running. diag...
My car has the red BRAKE light on and most people have said that the emergency brake sensor is either not working or broken. If anyone can tell me where it is (a picture of what it looks like would...
I don't know the specific diagnostic code but they said it was the air intake sensor. A new one was put on and they cleared the car computer but the next day the check engine light came on again. ...