sensor P0440 on 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier

Sensor P0440-where is located and how to fix it?
Where is purge valve and how to replace or fix it?

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440 does not identify any part that is bad. it indicates a problem with the evap system.

a shop with a scan tool can check the vent solenoid, purge valve and smoke test it for leaks.
there is no guessing on evap codes as it can get expensive.

let a shop check it for you to verify.

one common issue is the wiring harness from the body to the vent solenoid is too short and the wires pull out of the connector.

If it's the valve can I replaced or fix it?Thank you Roy!!!
sure, you can but need an exact failure to fix it. get it checked out first.

Roy,can you tell me more,please
How much does it cost and where to find to buy it?
the valve is about 69 at a dealer. you can try autozone. they may have it in dorman.

if not, then the dealer.

Roy,can you tell me where is located that valve,please?
there is one on the back of the block on the passenger side. there is a line with a green cap. follow that line to the solenoid.
there is also a vent valve in the back of the car on the passenger side.

when you get the new part, it will be easier to find when you have it in your hand.

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p0440 evap system malfuntion it is the evap purge located under rear near fuel tankeasy to find has a few hoses and an electrical connector says fails to hold sufficient vacumn.check all hoses connected to haynes repair manual has some tips you can look at it check the hoses and connection