Sell or keep? on 1993 Toyota Previa

We have had and loved our ’93 Toyota Previa for about 8 years. It has 183,000 miles on it, and I am trying to decide whether to sell it or not. It has 3 problems that I know of.
1. Starter Motor – I can replace it myself. $140
2. Slips a bit when accelerating after having just shifted into 2nd and 3rd. Clutch? But if so why only in 2nd and 3rd? $1,000?
3. I’m guessing it needs a timing chain since we’ve owned it for 90,000 miles. $700?
Given that the above approaches $2,000 maybe it’s time to sell. I’d appreciate any comments/suggestions.

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The van is almost 17 years old. If you have the funds I would get a newer and better van. once you fix what you know is wrong with it, due to age and mileage something else will require attention.
Not true. It won't be a high speed skid but a engine dying giving you time to pull over.
Thanks for your response, mahindra. What you say makes a lot of sense. So now I'm thinking of selling it, but to get anything at all it seems I'd need to at least fix the starter.....can't really sell it if it won't start.

So then maybe just drive it until it dies with clutch or timing chain or other problem, and donate it. I can't see the clutch going out being dangerous, but I've heard timing chains or belts going out can seize up the engine and force a high-speed skid. Anyone know if there is any truth to that possibility?

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Our 1996 Toyota Previa LE S/C AWD lasted until timing chain slipped off chain gear at 285,000 miles. It's been a great van and from my reading and experience I don't feel there is a better van on the market. These can still be imported from Japan.