1993 Ford Taurus Q&A

1993 Ford Taurus Question: Self Diagnostic Test

Hello. My car died. I had it towed to my house so that we can try to fix it rather than paying the expensive labor costs. My boyfriend heard that there is a way to do a diagnostic test yourself by doing a couple of steps. How do I do a self at home diagnostic test on my car. Keep in mind that I can't even start it to take it to a shop. -
Answer 1
On the diagnostic connector which should be under the hood you have to jump pin 2 i can post up some illustrations for you at sinautoscan.com under forum when you make the jump you have to count the flashes of the engine light once you count those record the flashes and that's your trouble code. -
Answer 2
C'mon Sin, these people should of towed it to qualified shop. This year model was difficult to diagnose by a good tech, let alone a person who doesn't have a clue to what they are doing!!! Angie, If your boyfriend cared he should of taken it to a qualified shop. What you consider a expensive labor cost could cost you a whole lot more money in the end. -