See question below. on 2005 Mercedes-Benz SLK350

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Yes I can smell oil burning coming from under my hood. I can also see small drops around the back side of the valve covers.
You said: Spark plug tube seals and grommets can also leak oil, which can be mistaken for a leaking valve cover gasket. The seals and the valve cover gasket should always be replaced together.Also you recommend having a valve adjustment performed, if applicable. Is all of these included on your repair estimate from $729 to $1021?
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valves are not adjustable on this engine. my shop always
includes the rubber breather hoses, which get brittle after 6 years. every single V6 Mercedes ever built has
valve cover leaks. this engine does not have spark plug
tubes; the plugs are below the valve covers; a design which will leak the oil directly onto your plug wires and
saturate them.