1994 Cadillac DeVille Q&A

1994 Cadillac DeVille Question: security system trouble

My car wont start due to anti theft system how can i bypass that to get my car started? who do i go to for the codes to over ride the system. -
Answer 1
you'll need resistors to bypass the system but you will first need a multi-meter to get the resistance of the chip key. -
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Thank you for your help iam clueless about cars Now the shop i took my car too is saying i need a fuel pump does this sound right too you ? i feel like i am getting the run around and my car is still not starting. -
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sounds about right.i had the same problem with mine. -
Answer 2
I got a flat tire and changed it there was a donut that was used. When the tire was replaced there was a warning message that the ride stability control needed servicing. what does this mean? -