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1996 Jaguar XJ6 Question: security system

I had to remove the battery and get it charged up. When I put it back in, the security system came on and will not go off withthe battery connected. I do not have a remote, just the key, and do not have the security system booklet that the owners manuel refers me to. How do I get the security system to turn off or reset? -
Answer 1
The security codes on the factory radios can be real trouble You disconnect the battery cable to do some maintenance on your car, then when you reconnect it, the radio stopped working. The radio code was supplied to the original purchaser of the car, but is frequently lost over the years. The only way to get the radio code for these early cars is to remove the radio and jot down the radio's chassis number. Take that number to your local Jaguar dealer and he can get the radio code for you. -
Answer 2
The Jaguar dealer may only need your VIN to find a radio code, I would call before removing the radio. You may need to visit the dealer to disable the alarm. Does the alarm turn off when you insert the key and turn it to the "on" position? -
Answer 3
Diagnoses of problems with the Jaguar factory fitted alarm does require a Jaguar factory or equivalent scan tool. If you had the key chain transponder they are programmable by following a set procedure which doesn't require the dealer scan tool. If the radio is the factory installed radio it has a radio security code that must be entered for the radio to work. You must contact a Jaguar dealer to get the security code. -
Answer 4
put the key in the passenger side and turn it...alarm will go off. -
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