security lite flashes on 1998 Chevrolet Express 3500

changed steering colum. security lite, airbag lite and service engine soon lites all on wont go out. security lite flashes all the time. starts but dies in just a few seconds. is there something I have to clear?

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My guess is you now have the wrong chip or no chip in the key that came with the replacement column.
May have to swap the lock cyl.
I am not a mechanic. Is this a difficult procedure to replace the lock cylinder. Should I get it to the dealer so they can do it. This has a passlock system. is there a way to reset the system. I really appreciate all the replys.
Is the lock cylinder in the original column ok? There may be a reset prosedure that will work i don''t know about this model.
But for me i do this so often it takes about 25 min. or less to change the ign. lock. However i have all the tools needed.
Maybe another tech. can help you out on the reset. Right now i have to go fix a couple.
Good luck & Merry Xmas!
it has the pass lock. was able to fimd some info to reset it. turned key on and the securuty warning lite went out. turned off four 30 seconds. turned back on and it started and kept running. Left it run for 15 minutes. let it rest for 30 minutes and restarted. thanks for all the help. I really appreciate it. If I dare say Merry Christmas to all.
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if u installed a used column you may have left something unplugged, recheck your work
rechecked. everything is plugged in. appreciate the help
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