Security light stays on... on 1998 Chevrolet Camaro

Recently i gave my car to the valet in N.Y. and when i picked it up the security light on the dash was on , now it stays on no matter what i do .Cant seem to shut it off . whats up? what did he do?? and how to i shut it off...btw car starts and runs fine

by in Philadelphia, PA on October 25, 2011
1 answer
ANSWER by on November 10, 2011
Chances are that over time the small wires that travel up the steering column which allow the ignition lock cylinder to read the "chip" in your ignition key have become damaged. At some point the vehicle may not start. I would suggest you get this problem diagnosed and repaired. If it is indeed the damaged wires to the ignition lock cylinder - the lock cylinder will need to be replaced and a new ignition key made.
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the ignition key is the right one with the chip on it but the security lamp on the dash stays on when the engine is running
fuel pump comes on when key is turned on and runs when the relay is triggered manually. im thinking crank sensor?
Light stays on constantly even after driving it for a while.
battery is charged and starter motor is new ! dash lights/warning lights are on and security li...
P410 is the code I got the light stays on its a Z28 camaro

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