Security light on 2003 Chevrolet Impala

The security light comes on and stays on while driving.

by in Massapequa, NY on October 15, 2009
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ANSWER by on October 15, 2009
There are many reasons this light can come on, I recommend you take it in to a shop and have them check the diagnostic trouble codes that are stored in the BCM (Body Control Module). These codes will help you find what is making the security light come on. Good Luck!
COMMENT by on December 22, 2014
would really love more Input on thisi have same problem ran codes have a misfire cly6 all I can find is security light on and car wont start well mine does and drives to quite well hence the misfire but please help me also iv done just ABOUT everything to fix the misfire from replacing lim and uim gaskets pleninum gasket to sparkplugs please help me also my 96 V6 buick regal is factory stocked Nothing aftermarketed
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