Secondary air pump loose on 2002 Volkswagen Jetta

2 questions in 1... My check engine light went on a couple days ago, and the trouble code was : "17766 - Ignition timing cylinder 2 - Open Circuit" . 1st question is what does this mean, and how can you fix it? Second, in some forums they where talking about the area where the spark plug wires and the coilpacks are, I think, and you needed to remove the secondary air pump in order to access it. By curiosity I was checking it out, and I noticed the pump was inclined a little bit, unlike what I've seen in pictures. It turns out, those 3 little 10mm screws that hold it, are not holding it anymore!!! All 3 plastic-rubberish pieces that the screws go in are broken so it's completely loose. I know I can probably fix it back, but do you think the fact that it was loose may have caused any problems? I don't know how long it was like that, should I check anything? Thanks.

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There's a good chance the #2 ignition coil has failed, this is very common on this engine. You want to avoid driving the vehicle if the cylinder is misfiring, this will damage your catalytic converter $$!
I doubt the loose air pump caused this, unless it rubbed into the wiring for the ignition coil, but you can see that if you inspect the wires. See if the rubber mounts are available separately and replace them.
Hope that helps!