secondary air injection code P0410 malfunction on 1998 Volvo S70

My volvo has the P0410 code and the car will not drive properly. It cranks sometimes but cuts off when you apply the brakes and then will not start. I originally got both the 1st bank O2 sensor code along with the P410. I replaced the O2 sensor and now still have the same problem with the car cutting off. Does anyone have an idea what the real problem may be?

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This is a common problem on this model. What is most likely is you have a bad air pump check valve. When this fails it allows exhaust gasses into the air pump system and it ruins the air pump. If you ignore it long enough, you will damage the MAF Sensor and the O2 Sensors.
While the engine is running, pull the top of the air cleaner housing up and feel if there is exhaust gasses coming into the large black hose (1" diameter)at the front of the housing. This is the hose from the air pump. You shouldn't feel any air coming out of this hose ever.
What happens if I do feel air coming out of this hose?