Seat belt replacement. on 1999 Volvo S80

The driver's seatbelt in my 1999 Volvo S80 began having retraction problems about 2 weeks ago. It's totally inoperable now. It has retracted to it's unbuckled position but it's stuck. I'm wondering what I can expect to pay to have this repaired?

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Hopefully, you can have a sharp tech remove the Seat Belt Assembly and free up the mechanism. On occasion, the mechanism will jam, and I have been able to free them. The cost is about 1 hour of labor and the part for a left front seat belt is $370.00
Where can I find a smart tech cause all the smart techs I know are charging me 620.00 minimum, that's replacement of whole assembly. I don't think they ever heard of unjamming the belt.
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You need to take the car to the volvo dealer. This is a fix that is free and they will give you a rental till its fixed.
This has happened to me before...If it was passenger you would not be so lucky :)
Not according the the Volvo dealer in Irvine's $700-800 to replace it. And, $142 just to inspect it.