heater core replace

honda heater core replacement diagram

honda heater core replacement diagram

Heater Core Replacement - 1999 Jimmy

Your estimate for my 99 Jimmy Heater Core Replacement of up to $270 is so grossly incorrect it isn't even funny. I have called 3 places for quotes and the LOWEST quote is $1100!

Heater core Replacement

What are the steps in replaceing the heater core in my Volvo. I have replaced chevy ford and many more but never a Volvo Can you help?

heater core replacement

about how much does it cost for replacement ?

Heater core replacement.

Does the Air Condition have to be discharged as part of a heater core replacement? Does the whole dash have to be removed to replace the heater core?

Heater Core Replacement & Radiator Flush

No heat for months. Heater core flushed with little improvement. Recommended (by our own mechanic)we replace heater core. VW Dealer also says we need new radiator and my wife settles for $87 radiator flush instead with the core replacement. Shouldn't radiator flush come standard with heater core replacement? Did VW just tack on another charge? (We used a $250 coupon they offered - 3% time...

Heater core replacement cost

Is it possible to give me a rough estimate of heater core replacement cost? Also would you be able to recommend a place in the baltimore/DC area? Thanks so much.

Heater Core Replacement

Can this be done without removal of the dash? Will glove box removal give me enough access?

heater core replaement

step by step heater core replacement please.

Heater core replacement.

It appears that I need a heater core replacement.
The description of the symptoms are spot on for my car.
Toyota has quoted me about $2,000.
My car is 19 year old, but I can't afford to replace it, yet. Any useful information will be appreciated.

water on the floorboard of the passenger side

I found water on the floorboard, front and back, on the passenger side of the car. To be fair, I let my son drive the car on a rainy night ande fear he left a window open. He claims he did not so i'm left to seek answers elsewhere. I live in Virginia so salt treated roads are not an issue and the undercarriage looks to be in perfect condition. We do have a great deal of leaves that drop dur...


how to remove dashboard and replace heater core


I get this funny smell when I turn on the heat or defrost but only after I have it on for about 15 minutes or so.

heater core replacement.

how to replace the heater core?