fusible link

Ford, Lincoln, Mercury recall on ELECTRICAL SYSTEM:BATTERY:CABLES
Battery Fusible Link May Overheat and Catch Fire
fusible link

my fusible link wire is burnt. I cant see what gauge the wire is . I'm getting no help from auto part stores or the dealerships .Can anyone tell me what gauge it is ? It's the grey link wire on the starter. All I can see on the wire itself is a 2.0 sq and a couple of m's

fusible link

my jeep would not start at all / battery good / i wiggled the fusible link and it started / left it at dealership / what should be the estimated charge

Possible Burnt Out Fusible Link??

I have had intermittent issues with my 95 Honda Del Sol not having power to the windows, no turn signals, not able to shift from P to R and no dashboard guages work (battery light and SRS come on briefly and go off). I have had the fusible link replaced-last year for the same problems. Could it be this again? Car starts fine and I have lights and the radio works. I did just replace the battery ...

fusible link keeps blowing

drove it home. it needed a new battery so i got a new battery. put it in now every time i hook up the negative terminal, it blows the fusible link. i have even tried a larger fusible up to 80. blows it out to. it calls for a 50.
i did a test with a jumper, meter came up to 12 volts. but still won't start. hooked the negative cable & it blows out again. battery tester between ground &...

Nissan recall on ELECTRICAL SYSTEM
Electrical Short Causes Fuse To Blow And Stalls Vehicle
Where would the problem start on this year of car and how much to fix it?

Fusible link is melted causing no brake lights or blinkers, lights on dash to malfunction.

Radiator cooling fan

Radiator fan will not turn on. Turned fan on by using jumper wires to battery. Changed fuse. Replaced fan switch. Replaced fan sensor. Replaced constant control relay module. Fan still will not turn on. After car has set all night, temp. gauge still reads hot. When car is started, temp gauge moves well past hot in a matter of a few minutes. Help?

many electrical components dont work

put a new battery in accidentally hooked up terminals wrong i swithced them back now i have lost dash lights blinkers shifter wont move into gear power seats radio wont work but car starts right up.could it be the fusible link?

Fusible link catching fire

I put in a new battery and the fusible link running to the alternator caught fire twice. Is this the alternator, battery, or something else? No problems before the battery replacement.

Starting problem

I drove my car 50+ miles started it drove to one place started it again went to another place, started it again went to another place, came out and it wouldn't start no crank at all, I have checked the starter and it works on the bench, changed to ignition switch, checked all the fuses, and the netural switch, still no crank when I turn the key, not getting power on either side of the fusia...

Fusible links?

We have an 88 chevy pickup truck with a 95 engine. The fusible link starts smoking when we try to start it. When we turn the key, it doesn't click or anything. The lights all work, so it isn't the battery. As I understand it, we can replace the fusible link and it will work, but I need to find out what it goes to so I can fix it. Thanks.

Where are the fusible links on a 91 s10 blazer?

THe digital dash is not working, this may be the problem. Would like to check it.

i replaced the battery,alternator and starter but battery is not charging. why?

why is the battery not charging. everything is connected correctly.

Where is the blower fusible link situated? Blower flips between setting 2 and 4

The climate setting (digital is good) The volume doesn't change between setting 3 and 4 and it clicks off and on!
I sense it could be the fusible link or fan resistor.

Need help bad.... My 99 cougar 2.0 alternator help

OK so my car ran great didn't have a problem until the other day my battery light came on so I got a new alternator and charged my battery....it ran for a hour and I lost my radio than speedometer than all the digitals than it bogged.out and died... Haven't been able to fix yet... I used a multi-meter and checked the battery at 12.5 v but the alternator is at 2.8-3.2 volt range well I k...