fuseable link

trying to start my mercury, it just clicks. followed wires off battery trying to find the solenoid not one anywhere in sight, but there is a power supply box, with a fuseable link in front of it that looks like a bandaid with two copper ends and plastic

fuseable link looks like a bandaid with two copper ends and a black plastic middle that reads 175 A ford motorcraft, in the power supply box there is a square starter relay which seems to work fine. I need help, do I run new negative cable and possitive cable , nothing has been changed out with the cables ,but I did put in a brand new starter cleaned up connections around the fuseable link the...

ignition Problem

my van wont start.but the starter is good.i could turn the ignition,but the starter wont kick on.i have to jump it from the starter.i'm not sure if it's the wire.or if the ignition switch is bad..Please Help me...

Car dead

My car is completely dead. It will not even make noise when I move the ingnition key. Battery was test, it is still ok.

Electrical Problem

How much am I looking at price wise, to find an electrical short that is draining my battery

charging problem

i've replaced the alternator and battery, can't hold a charge. trying to figure out if its a fuseable link, what do you think?

Will not start

I've replaced every sensor ECM, BCM and am still not running - No codes are coming out, although it has not started to provide the info to the device - Any clues as to why this is not starting and how I can check the starting sequence to get it started!!!

Lighter and Radio/CD Player Have No Power

My car lighter and radio/cd player have no power but the clock on the dash just above has power. Any ideas? I have checked the fuses on the side panel inside the cabin of the car and the tester lights up on all of them. I also checked the small fuses with the same test and they work as well. I couldn't test the larger looking fuses but looked at the top and the metal doesn't appear ...

fuel pump

I have a 1990 F150 with duel tanks. Neither fuel pump is working already changed relay. What else do I need to check before replacing pumps?

engine wants to die when im driving and come to a stop

red charge light comes on when engine is dying out but goes away if engine returns to normal, could it be the PCV valve. I've had this replaced twice before.


need elect diagram from the batt to alt to the starter and fuseable links

Starts, but dies when key is released

Drove car on a short ride. When I parked it I held the RPM'S up for a little while. Engine died, retarts but dies when key is released



94 olds fuel pump wiring diagram

no power into the fuel pump relay all fuseable links good

Mini air conditioner repair & State Inspection

I have a 2004 Mini Cooper with 32,600 miles. The air conditioner went out and the repair will cost $1856 ( at the Dealership in VA. Beach, VA)to put in a new compressor. Is this a reasonable price? Also, my mini just passed the annual state inspection (Same Dealership) 2 weeks ago and of the items they checked were my HVAC and front headlights. Along with a new compressor the repair shop no...

spark from the positive cable now wont start

i was leaving for work like i usually do and i turned the key in my truck and i heard what sounded like a spark and lifted the hood and notices the positive cable on the battery was smoking. i have never had a problem starting the truck at all now the lights work but when i turn the key nothing happens. the battery still has juice and wont jump start. i was thinking it was a fuse but not sure w...

car won't start, battery good. No sound will not turn over

car won't start or turn over. When I turn the key, no sound but a humming sound from the small box attached to engine. Its not a battery issue. Its a 2003 BMWXI