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The 80 amp fusible link for the charging system can fail and is often overlooked when diagnosing a charging system that is not working. Our technicians recommend to make sure this fusible link is O...

Common Problems > Mitsubishi Eclipse

my van wont start.but the starter is good.i could turn the ignition,but the starter wont kick on.i have to jump it from the starter.i'm not sure if it's the wire.or if the ignition switch is bad.....

Q&A > Dodge > 1995 Dodge Ram Van 1500

My car is completely dead. It will not even make noise when I move the ingnition key. Battery was test, it is still ok.

Q&A > Toyota > 1999 Toyota 4Runner

How much am I looking at price wise, to find an electrical short that is draining my battery

Q&A > Ford > 1990 Ford F-250

The 80 amp fusible link for the charging system can fail and is often overlooked when diagnosi...

Common Problems > Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

i've replaced the alternator and battery, can't hold a charge. trying to figure out if its a fuseable link, what do you think?

Q&A > Dodge > 1990 Dodge Ramcharger

I've replaced every sensor ECM, BCM and am still not running - No codes are coming out, althoug...

Q&A > Chrysler > 1998 Chrysler Concorde

My car lighter and radio/cd player have no power but the clock on the dash just above has power. Any ideas? I have checked the fuses on the side panel inside the cabin of the car and the tester l...

Q&A > Honda > 2002 Honda Accord

I have a 1990 F150 with duel tanks. Neither fuel pump is working already changed relay. What else do I need to check before replacing pumps?

Q&A > Ford > 1990 Ford F-150

red charge light comes on when engine is dying out but goes away if engine returns to normal, could it be the PCV valve. I've had this replaced twice before.

Q&A > Ford > 2003 Ford Expedition

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